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Chinmay Ramraika

There isn’t space to define one’s personality but one can only try. I am person who loves to learn and experience everything. I am foodie with passion to travel. I like to write and capture the beauty of scenery with my camera. I am Tech-Geek too in a way and love to do web designing too. I am a solo traveller. And i love to read novels and write quotes and songs. Valar morghulis Valar dohaeris ?

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How We Started ?

 I am on the journey of life✌. Traveling one place to another writing about it. why? cause i love it? And i have heard somewhere, Do what you Love and Love what you Do❤! I would travel from north to south ✈ to learn recipes or for breathtaking views. Lets visit all places together with this blog. This blog is my small try to bring forth an innovation of All-In One blog. Here i will give away all the ideas and insights of the places i am gonna visit, so that you can prefer and select the right place you wanna go for travel or maybe wanna leave for journey of your life. You know i am not just some wanderlust but a Die heart foodie. I used to live in Nagpur for a while and there i started Instagram blog for my foodie side and my photo gallery it was more of the personal blog than influencer. but now that blog has evolved and turning into this beautiful word-press site. if you are wondering what this site has to offer well i am into all kind of things from photography to technical terms. So just open up menu and enjoy most efficient ideas to travel ✈, as well as photo-sessions, foodies, And tool-kits related to technical issues you face in daily life or while creating a blog like this. to help you learn how you can travel like me.



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Best Part Of Travel Is Journey Rather Than The Destination Itself!  See Some Of My Photographs Capturing The Stuning Beauty Of The Scenery


Just Some Lite Tips On Travel, Blog, Website…

Basically All Tips And Tools I Think Anyones Gonna Need.

Here I am Gonna Mention Hotspots Of The Town and Special Or Most Famous Places Every Foodie Should Must Visit.


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We All Wonder About Whose Service We Should Use , Whose Services Are Best During Traveling And Daily Day-To-Day Life. Well Here Are Some Options I Use Personally.